The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association has echoed the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ warning against ‘the tsunami of hate and xenophobia’ sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. The Warsaw-based organization has published its latest REPORT ‘The Virus of Hate: Brown Book of the Epidemic’. The report documents acts of racism, xenophobia and discrimination which have occurred in the context of the coronavirus in Poland in recent weeks and months.

The authors of the report recorded cases of assaults on members of minorities who are unjustly blamed for spreading the virus, as well as numerous examples of hate speech and conspiracy theories about the pandemic spread by the far right.

The descriptions collected on over 30 pages include the following events:

– On 1 March, during mass in the St. Michael Archangel church in Wroclaw Fr. Leonard Wilczynski, belonging to the Salesian order, stated in his homily that the COVID-19 pandemic is ‘God’s punishment for living in the sin of homosexuality’. He also added that the Chinese ‘are dirty, eat bats and dead fetuses’.

– On 25 March in Sosnowiec three men attacked a female of Chinese descent – a scientific worker of the Silesian University. The victim said: ‘They surrounded me, I was so afraid – even now I am trembling. They kept shouting «virus» and «China»’. She also added: ‘I do not feel safe here as a woman of Chinese descent’.

– On 8 April in Szprotawa local media reported that a security guard of the local supermarket refused a Ukrainian man entrance to the store on the grounds of his nationality. One witness to the event reported: ‘When the young man wanted to enter the store, the security guard asked him if he was Polish or Ukrainian. When he replied that he was Ukrainian, he was told that he could not go inside’. The employee’s xenophobic behaviour stemmed from the false belief that all persons of Ukrainian origin in the town were carriers of COVID-19.

– On 8 April, Radio Wnet in Warsaw presented its listeners with a special programme introducing a conspiracy theory pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, advocated by well-known British extremist, David Icke. According to Icke, the responsibility for the pandemic rests with a secret global group, described as a ‘cult’, with which ‘madmen from Silicon Valley’, the World Health Organization, the British heir to the throne Prince Charles, and entrepreneur Bill Gates are connected.

– In the second half of April in Poznan, in the middle of the night, unknown perpetrators smashed the windows of a flat occupied by a Filipino man, who has been living in Poland for ten years. A report about it was broadcast on 23 April on the television channel, TVN24, and that night, there was a second attack on the flat, with stones once again being thrown. According to the victim, both attacks were associated with the COVID-19 epidemic and hostility towards people of Asian origin. ‘Some Filipinos experience incidents of people shouting «corona!» after them on the streets. One of the Filipinos was spat in the face and called «Chinese». We are very afraid’ – he said.

– On April 25 Grzegorz Braun, a Member of Parliament representing the Confederation party, shared his views on the pandemic in an interview on YouTube: ‘Jew-communists are trying to use the coronavirus to get rid of Trump […]. Bill Gates is heading for a situation in which each person on this globe will need to legitimise  his or her existence with a certificate of kosher standard’. On 6 May, during a speech in the Polish Parliament, Braun made threats of death by hanging to the Minister of Health, Lukasz Szumowski, in reaction to sanitary measures introduced in the preceding weeks in connection with COVID-19. On 8 May in Warsaw Braun together with Piotr Rybak (who had been convicted for publicly burning an effigy of a Jew in Wroclaw in 2015) participated in skirmishes with the police during a protest against sanitary restrictions imposed to combat the epidemic.

– On 9 May, TVP Info, a Polish state-run television channel, broadcast a thirty-minute conversation with Steve Bannon, an idol of the international alt-right movement and former advisor to Donald Trump. Bannon presented an ideological conspiracy theory on the COVID-19 pandemic, using military rhetoric. He stated: ‘This is really a serious matter, and I think that every leader in every country in the world should listen when the commander in chief of the US Armed Forces [the President] says that we have been attacked just like at Pearl Harbour and this time the Chinese are responsible. […] The real dark days are ahead, […] now they are turning to a kinetic type of war. […] This was like an order of assassination. The death of each person, each nurse, each doctor can be blamed on the Chinese Communist Party’.  He also added a confrontation with China was inevitable and said: ‘This is our goal, our destiny’.

According to the research carried out in April 2020 by the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, as many as 45 percent of Poles believe in conspiracy theories alleging that ‘some foreign forces or countries intentionally spread the coronavirus’ and only 42 percent recognize its natural origin confirmed by scientific knowledge.

Rafal Pankowski, a co-author of the report of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association and a sociology professor at the Collegium Civitas university, commented: – ‘The global pandemic is also a global crisis of social trust and values amid confusion and anxiety. It is fertile ground for the dangerous growth of xenophobia and conspiracy theories. For the first time in Polish history we are dealing with such a wave of hatred against people of Asian origin, but the antisemitic stereotypes are also present, together with hostility and contempt for various other groups – for example Roma, Africans, Ukrainians, Americans, Russians, as well as Muslims, refugees, LGBT people, environmentalists, vegans, and others’.

– ‘Unfortunately, the media are also involved in promoting conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, often inviting people with extreme views as experts. These «experts» are also gaining popularity on the web, where antisemitic and xenophobic content is distributed on a massive scale. Companies such as YouTube and Facebook, contrary to their formal announcements, often tolerate such content on their platforms’ – said Dr. Anna Tatar, co-author of the ‘Brown Book’.

– ‘Examples of hatred are unfortunately coming from the top. In a pandemic, conspiracy theories promoted by public figures: celebrities, artists, politicians, journalists and clergy are particularly alarming’ – adds Jacek Dziegielewski, also a co-author of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association report.

The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an independent organization established in Warsaw in 1996. It has campaigned against racism, antisemitism, and xenophobia, both in Poland and internationally. Among others, it is a member of the International Network against Cyber Hate (INACH), which brings together organizations from twenty countries fighting hatred and discrimination on the Internet. Together with partners from Estonia, Slovakia, Romania and Spain, it conducts research on hate speech as part of the Opcode: Open Code for Hate-Free Communication project.

‘The Virus of Hate: Brown Book of the Epidemic’ (full report in PDF):

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The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is appealing for solidarity with all those who have suffered violence and discrimination because of their origins or ethnicity in connection with the coronavirus epidemic in the past days and weeks.


Members of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association have documented cases such as the aggressive behaviour towards students from China from Polish students of the Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport or the brutal beating of a Chinese-born cook who has lived in Wroclaw (Poland) for 25 years. In Warsaw, a group of young men and women shouted ‘coronavirus’ in the faces of three young Vietnamese women studying at the Polish university Collegium Civitas. Three teenagers in the Polish town of Lukow attacked a Vietnamese woman living there. They shouted ‘you are from China’, ‘you have coronavirus’, ‘get the out of here you Chinese slut!’, threw garbage at her, spat in her direction and when she tried to walk away, they followed her. Similarly, people belonging to other minorities have been experiencing xenophobia. For example, many hostels have used the new health regulations as a reason for insisting that all non-Polish nationals, mainly Ukrainians, vacate their rooms immediately. Xenophobic comments and conspiracy theories are becoming increasingly common on the internet.

NEVER AGAIN’ has noted similar acts of hostility towards people of Asian origin occurring in other countries all over the world, including France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and the USA. The victims have suffered physical and verbal abuse. Examples include: in Berlin (Germany) two women brutally beat up a Chinese woman who then needed hospital treatment for head wounds. In Bologna (Italy) four people attacked a 15 year old boy of Chinese origin. They kicked his whole body shouting ‘What are you doing in Italy? Get out! You are spreading disease.’ In Brussels (Belgium) near the Southern railway station, an attacker punched a man of Asian origin in the face. In London (UK) a Singaporean man was punched in the face while the perpetrator shouted at him: ‘I don’t want your coronavirus in my country.’ In the USA, one of the passengers on the New York subway attacked a man of Asian origin demanding that he leave the train, hurling insults and spraying him with an unknown substance. On a San Francisco bus an elderly lady verbally abused a 14 year old girl, accusing the Chinese of spreading the virus.

-‘The virus of racism and hatred can be as dangerous as the coronavirus’ – states the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association. -‘In difficult times, we need global solidarity and cooperation to meet the common global challenges more than ever.’

On 21 March 1960, in Sharpeville (South Africa) the police shot 61 peaceful demonstrators who were protesting against the racist system of apartheid. The United Nations General Assembly declared a Week of Solidarity with the People Struggling Against Racism and Racial Discrimination beginning on 21 March.

The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an independent organization established in Warsaw in 1996. ‘NEVER AGAIN’ has campaigned against racism, antisemitism, and xenophobia, both in Poland and internationally.

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W Międzynarodowym Dniu Walki z Dyskryminacją Rasową Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ apeluje o solidarność z osobami, które ze względu na swoje pochodzenie czy narodowość doświadczyły przemocy, szykan albo dyskryminacji w ostatnich dniach i tygodniach w związku z epidemią koronawirusa.

W monitoringu ‘Brunatna Księga’ Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ odnotowało agresywne zachowanie wobec studentów z Chin ze strony polskich studentów Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu w Gdańsku, brutalne pobicie pochodzącego z Chin kucharza, który od 25 lat mieszka we Wrocławiu, czy też żądanie rodziców przedstawione dyrekcji jednego z międzynarodowych przedszkoli, by usunąć z pracy nauczycieli azjatyckiego pochodzenia. W centrum Warszawy grupa młodych kobiet i mężczyzn wykrzykiwała szyderczo ‘Koronawirus!’ w stronę trzech studentek uczelni Collegium Civitas pochodzących z Wietnamu. W Łukowie trzech nastolatków zaatakowało mieszkankę miasta narodowości wietnamskiej. Krzyczeli do niej, że ‘jest z Chin’, ‘ma koronawirusa’ oraz ‘K…wo, won!’, obrzucili ją też śmieciami, spluwali w jej stronę, a gdy próbowała odejść, podążali za nią. Także osoby należące do innych mniejszości spotykają się z ksenofobią i są bezpodstawnie podejrzewane o zarażanie koronawirusem, np. w ostatnich dniach wiele hosteli, powołując się na nowe rozporządzenia, domagało się, by osoby niepolskiego pochodzenia, głównie Ukraińcy, natychmiast opuścili wynajmowane pokoje. W internecie pojawiają się ksenofobiczne komentarze i teorie spiskowe.

– ‘Wirus rasizmu i nienawiści jest równie groźny jak koronawirus!’ – mówią przedstawiciele Stowarzyszenia ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’. – ‘Przypominamy o tym z tak szczególnej okazji jak Międzynarodowy Dzień Walki z Dyskryminacją Rasową’.

Międzynarodowy Dzień Walki z Dyskryminacją Rasową został ustanowiony przez ONZ dla uczczenia ofiar pokojowej demonstracji w Sharpeville w Republice Południowej Afryki. 21 marca 1960 roku policja zastrzeliła w tym mieście 69 osób, które protestowały przeciwko polityce apartheidu. Sześć lat później Zgromadzenie Ogólne ONZ przyjęło rezolucję w sprawie upamiętnienia tych tragicznych wydarzeń i wezwało społeczność międzynarodową do prowadzenia wspólnych działań na rzecz walki z rasizmem.

Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ jest założoną w 1996 roku niezależną, apolityczną organizacją ekspercką, która monitoruje zdarzenia na tle ksenofobicznym. Prowadzi również kampanie społeczne, ‘Muzyka Przeciwko Rasizmowi’ i ‘Wykopmy Rasizm ze Stadionów’.‎

Anna Tatar ze Stowarzyszenia ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ o koronawirusie i wrogości wobec osób pochodzenia azjatyckiego: .

Dodatkowe informacje:


The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association has welcomed the International Court of Justice ruling on the case concerning genocide against the Rohingya minority committed in Myanmar (Burma).

The ICJ, based in The Hague (Netherlands), ruled on 23 January that Myanmar must protect the Rohingya population. The court ordered Myanmar to take emergency measures to prevent genocide against the Rohingya.

Co-founder of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Rafal Pankowski was present in The Hague on the day of the ruling. He said: – ‘We welcome the ICJ decision and hope justice for the Rohingya will be delivered. Myanmar’s greatness is to be found in her diversity and the Rohingya must be treated with respect, their rights as citizens must be fully restored, their suffering must be recognized and compensated. Symbolically, the ICJ ruling was announced just days before the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau on 27th January, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Genocide and genocide denial must not be ignored by the international community.’

The Rohingya have been described by the United Nations as the world’s most persecuted ethnic minority.


Members of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association had visited Myanmar in solidarity with the local human rights activists in August 2018. In November 2019, representatives of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Rafal Pankowski and Natalia Sineaeva visited the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazaar (Bangladesh). During the visit, representatives of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ met with refugees as well as medical personnel and civil society representatives.

Also on 23 January, in the run up to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association’s representative Anna Tatar delivered a keynote speech at a conference on ‘The Rise of Hate Crimes and the Role of Youth in Countering Them’, co-organized with Warsaw’s Collegium Civitas university and the Youth for Peace student group under the heading ‘Varsovians against Violence’. Students coming from numerous countries and continents demonstrated their solidarity with the victims of hate crimes and hate speech in Poland and elsewhere.

The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an independent organization established in Warsaw in 1996. It has campaigned against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, for peace, intercultural dialogue and human rights both in Poland and internationally.

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To mark the International Human Rights Day, the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association has published a new edition of the ‘BROWN BOOK’, which constitutes documentation of hate crimes, racist and xenophobic incidents. This report collects acts of violence and examples of extremist hate speech in Poland in 2019.

– ‘Memory of the tragic past obligates us to take responsibility for words, especially in the age of the internet and its unlimited range’ – said Dr. Anna Tatar from the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association, the main author of the ‘Brown Book’. She added, ‘In this monitoring project we note numerous cases of language used in order to incite hatred against entire groups. This propaganda is conducive to physical aggression’.

In the ‘Brown Book’, during the last few months the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association noted numerous acts of violence against people belonging to sexual minorities in particular. Contempt for these people manifests itself in public announcements of politicians and journalists, as well as members of the clergy. In recent elections to the Sejm (the Polish Parliament), seats were won by extreme-right activists under the banner of the Confederation (Konfederacja) group, which demands punishments such as ‘flogging’ for homosexuality (Grzegorz Braun), announces ‘kicking out of LGBT from Polish public space’ (Robert Winnicki), or ‘slaughtering of those elite groups which promote deviancy’ (Janusz Korwin-Mikke).

The ‘Brown Book’ documents selected incidents from 2019, such as: beatings, damage to cemeteries and monuments dedicated to minorities, extreme nationalist demonstrations, racist and homophobic insults, cases of hate speech in the media, and acts of discrimination, as well as ideologically motivated signs of hostility towards minority groups. The list also includes examples of incidents in which football fans took part, amongst other acts, the unfurling of racist and xenophobic flags in stadiums, or shouting offensive slogans during football games.

Some of the many incidents documented in the ‘Brown Book’ include:

On a Warsaw municipal public transport bus, two men attacked a sixteen-year-old high school student for homophobic reasons. (Zabki near Warsaw, 3rd January).

A group of assailants shouted xenophobic abuse and assaulted a citizen of Ukraine who was an employee of a transport company. During a taxi ride, they demanded that the driver change the music to ‘disco polo’. When he refused, they stated that he ‘does not respect the country, to which he came’, abused him verbally, and shouted ‘You f…ing Ukrainian, go back to where you came from,’ (Warsaw, the night of 8th March).

One resident of a housing complex attacked his neighbour for homophobic reasons. He shouted, ‘You faggot!’, and punched him in the face with his fist (Warsaw, 14th March).

Unknown perpetrators damaged a plaque commemorating Jews murdered by the Nazi Germans during World War Two. Two swastikas were painted on the stone plaque (Otwock, 6th April).

Residents of the town of Pruchnik took part in a rite known as the ‘hanging of Judas’ which has antisemitic undertones. They dragged an effigy through the streets, flogged it with sticks, and finally set fire to the huge straw doll, which resembled a stereotypical Orthodox Jew (Pruchnik, April 19).

On the wall of a Jewish cemetery, someone painted a set of gallows with the word ‘Jude’ (Jew in German) hung from them (Oswiecim, 21st April).

Two men attacked a black student from the United States who was participating in a Holocaust research tour (Warsaw, 30th May).

In an elementary school, an eleven-year-old pupil with Asperger’s Syndrome, was harassed. The school principal as well as one teacher reportedly humiliated her, derided her, called her names, and threatened her (Szynkielow, 11th June).

An unidentified man used racist name-calling and brutally attacked a citizen of India (Aleksandrow Lodzki, 21st June).

A man attacked a woman wearing a hijab and her three-month-old baby. He shouted: ‘Get the f…ck out, you dirty people,’ and made the gesture of the fascist ‘Heil Hitler’ salute, shouting ‘White power!’ (Rzeszow, 2nd August).

Four assailants mugged and verbally abused an employee of a kebab bar who was a citizen of Bangladesh (Lodz, night of 21st September).

A parking attendant attacked a citizen of Egypt for racist reasons. He shouted at him, ‘F…k off from our country’ (Lodz, 15th October).

The initiator and creator of the ‘Brown Book’ for many years was the late Marcin Kornak (1968-2014), the founder of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association. Its title was inspired by the history of anti-Nazi resistance. This documentation has continued for over twenty years, and has earned international recognition as the most reliable and independent source of information related to xenophobic violence in Poland.

In 2019, the ‘Brown Book’ has won the support of the Citizens Fund, governed by the Fund for Poland under the honorary patronage of Adam Bodnar, the Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman). In 2018 he received the Norwegian Thorolf Rafto Prize, awarded for championing human rights and independent judiciary in Poland. In accordance with the wishes of Adam Bodnar, this prize was donated to the Citizens Fund to promote human rights activism in Poland.

The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an independent organisation established in Warsaw in 1996. ‘NEVER AGAIN’ has campaigned against racism, antisemitism, and xenophobia, both in Poland and internationally.

The selection of racist and xenophobic incidents for 2019, documented in the ‘Brown Book’ can be found in:

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Members of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association participated in the international conference ‘Genocide and Justice with a special focus on the Rohingya persecution’ held at the Liberation War Museum in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. They also participated in meetings in other Bangladeshi cities.

The conference was opened by the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Dr A.K. Abdul Momen and attended by academics and activists from the countries of South Asia and beyond.

It took place on 16-18 November 2019. The discussions covered a broad spectrum of topics related to genocide and human rights.

In her speech during the concluding ceremony Natalia Sineaeva remembered the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto. She stressed: – ‘It is our task, genocide scholars, museum workers, and human rights activists to apply the experience of the past atrocities to prevent future violence and to address contemporary examples of human rights violations.’ Natalia Sineaeva (who is a Rotary Peace Fellow Alumni and IEP Peace Ambassador) was also a panelist during a conference session on ‘Ensuring Justice through Art Forms and Memorialisation’ where she presented several case studies of genocide museums and memory sites in Europe and Asia.

‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association co-founder and Collegium Civitas Professor Rafal Pankowski provided a presentation entitled: ‘The Holocaust in Poland and Genocide in Asia: Does the Tragic Past Bring Us Closer?’ Among other things, he highlighted the current ‘White Rose’ initiative of Buddhist Burmese youth in solidarity with the persecuted Muslims in Myanmar. It was apparently inspired by the anti-Nazi resistance group under the same name during the Third Reich.

Ven. Thirasattho Bhikkhu Lablu Barua, a Buddhist scholar and peace activist based in Thailand (a PhD candidate at the Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University and an IEP Peace Ambassador) who is a longtime friend of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association‎ also actively participated in the conference discussions. He emphasized the importance of intercultural understanding and awareness in addressing conflict and warned against the frequent manipulation of religion by extremist propaganda.

Moreover, members of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ partook in a number of meetings with Bangladeshi‎ intellectuals and community leaders discussing future cooperation. It included a meeting with Shahriar Kabir, the president of the Forum for Secular Bangladesh and Trial of War Criminals of 1971 and general secretary of the South Asian People’s Union against Fundamentalism & Communalism. The veteran writer, journalist and film maker reminisced how the knowledge about the Holocaust and World War II in Poland inspired him in his quest for justice for the victims of the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh.

The representatives of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ also joined in an activity organized by Mohra Century Morning Friends – a unique project in the southern city of Chittagong bringing together members of the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian communities of all ages through joint sports and music activities‎ in a region threatened by communal strife and conflict.

Importantly, members of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ visited one of the world’s largest refugee camps located in the region of Cox’s Bazaar‎ near the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. The Rohingya refugees from Myanmar are survivors of the ongoing genocidal campaign conducted by the Myanmar military. They have been described by the United Nations as the world’s most persecuted ethnic minority. Bangladesh accepted almost one million Rohingya refugees in the recent years. During the visit, representatives of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ met with refugees as well as medical personnel and workers of humanitarian organizations. They talked about the most pressing needs and challenges of life in the camp as well as ways to express solidarity.

The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an independent organization established in Warsaw in 1996. ‘NEVER AGAIN’ has campaigned against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, for peace, intercultural dialogue and human rights both in Poland and internationally.

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Na Międzynarodowy Dzień Walki z Faszyzmem i Antysemityzmem, ustanowiony w rocznicę Nocy Kryształowej, Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ opublikowało kolejną edycję ‘BRUNATNEJ KSIĘGI’, czyli monitoringu zdarzeń na tle rasistowskim i ksenofobicznym. Gromadzi ona akty przemocy i przykłady mowy nienawiści z roku 2019.

Noc Kryształowa to określenie pogromu ludności żydowskiej, do którego doszło w nocy z 9 na 10 listopada 1938 roku w Niemczech. Naziści zamordowali wówczas kilkudziesięciu Żydów, wiele tysięcy zesłali do obozów koncentracyjnych, ponadto zdemolowali i spalili setki synagog oraz tysiące żydowskich sklepów i mieszkań.

– ‘Pamięć o tragicznej przeszłości zobowiązuje nas do odpowiedzialności za słowo, szczególnie w dobie internetu i jego nieograniczonego zasięgu’ – powiedziała dr Anna Tatar ze Stowarzyszenia ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’, główna autorka ‘Brunatnej Księgi’. Dodała również: – ‘W monitoringu odnotowujemy wiele przypadków języka używanego po to, by wzniecać nienawiść wobec całych grup. Ta propaganda prowadzi do agresji fizycznej’.

W ‘Brunatnej Księdze’ w ostatnich miesiącach zostało odnotowanych wiele aktów przemocy wobec osób należących do mniejszości seksualnych. Pogarda względem nich przejawia się w wypowiedziach publicznych polityków, dziennikarzy, a także duchownych. W niedawnych wyborach do Sejmu dostali się pod szyldem Konfederacji skrajnie prawicowi działacze, którzy żądają ‘batożenia’ jako kary za homoseksualizm (Grzegorz Braun), zapowiadają ‘wykopanie LGBT z polskiej przestrzeni publicznej’ (Robert Winnicki) czy przewidują ‘wyrżnięcie elit, które popierają zboczenia’ (Janusz Korwin-Mikke).

W ‘Brunatnej Księdze’ odnotowano wybrane zdarzenia z 2019 roku, takie jak: pobicia, dewastacje cmentarzy i pomników poświęconych mniejszościom narodowym, skrajnie nacjonalistyczne manifestacje, rasistowskie i homofobiczne wyzwiska, przypadki mowy nienawiści w mediach, akty dyskryminacji oraz inne ideologicznie motywowane przejawy wrogości wobec grup mniejszościowych. W monitoringu zawarte są też przykłady zajść z udziałem pseudokibiców piłkarskich, eksponowanie rasistowskich i ksenofobicznych flag na stadionach czy wznoszenie okrzyków o takiej treści.

Przykłady zdarzeń udokumentowanych w ‘Brunatnej Księdze’ (spośród wielu innych):

W autobusie stołecznej komunikacji miejskiej dwóch mężczyzn zaatakowało z powodów homofobicznych 16-letniego ucznia liceum (Ząbki, 3 stycznia).

Grupa napastników obrzuciła ksenofobicznymi wyzwiskami i pobiła obywatela Ukrainy, pracownika firmy przewozowej. W trakcie jazdy zażądali od kierowcy, by przełączył muzykę na disco polo. Gdy odmówił, stwierdzili, że ‘nie szanuje kraju, do którego przyjechał’, i wyzywali go ‘Jeb…ny Ukraińcu, wracaj do siebie’ (Warszawa, w nocy z 8 na 9 marca).

Jeden z mieszkańców osiedla zaatakował z powodów homofobicznych swojego sąsiada. Wykrzykiwał do niego ‘Ty pedale!’ i uderzył go pięścią w twarz (Warszawa, 14 marca).

‘Nieznani sprawcy’ zdewastowali tablicę upamiętniającą Żydów zamordowanych przez Niemców podczas II wojny światowej. Namalowali na kamiennej płycie dwie swastyki (Otwock, 6 kwietnia).

Mieszkańcy miasta wzięli udział w obrzędzie zwanym wieszaniem Judasza, mającym wydźwięk antysemicki. Wlekli po ulicach, okładali kijami i podpalili ogromną, słomianą kukłę z pejsami, która przypominała wizerunek stereotypowego, ortodoksyjnego Żyda (Pruchnik, 19 kwietnia).

Na murze cmentarza żydowskiego ktoś namalował szubienicę i ‘powieszone’ na niej słowo ‘Jude’ (Oświęcim, 21 kwietnia).

Dwóch mężczyzn zaatakowało ciemnoskórego studenta ze Stanów Zjednoczonych, uczestnika wyjazdu badawczego (Warszawa, 30 maja).

W szkole podstawowej dochodziło do szykan wymierzonych w jedenastoletnią uczennicę z zespołem Aspergera (czyli osobę w spektrum autyzmu). Dyrektor tej placówki oraz jedna z nauczycielek mieli dziewczynkę poniżać, ośmieszać, wyzywać i jej grozić (Szynkielów, 11 czerwca).

Nierozpoznany mężczyzna obrzucił rasistowskimi wyzwiskami i brutalnie pobił obywatela Indii (Aleksandrów Łódzki, 21 czerwca).

Mężczyzna zaatakował kobietę w hidżabie (muzułmańska chusta) i jej trzymiesięczne dziecko. Krzyczał do niej ‘Wypier…cie stąd, brudasy’, wykonał również gest faszystowskiego pozdrowienia ‘Heil Hitler i zawołał ‘White power!’ (Rzeszów, 2 sierpnia).

Czterech napastników pobiło i obrzuciło rasistowskimi wyzwiskami pracownika baru z kebabem – obywatela Bangladeszu (Łódź, w nocy z 21 na 22 września).

Przed klubem gejowskim dwóch napastników zaatakowało młodego mężczyznę. Powalili go na ziemię, kopali i spryskali gazem łzawiącym. Wykrzykiwali również groźby i obelżywe hasła pod adresem innych osób, które pojawiły się przed klubem: ‘Mamy was gazować wszystkich?’, ‘Jeb…ć pedałów’ oraz ‘Zakaz pedałowania’ (Kraków, w nocy z 21 na 22 września).

Ochroniarz parkingu zaatakował z powodów rasistowskich obywatela Egiptu. Obrzucił go wyzwiskami: ‘Spier…ać z kraju, ciapate brudasy!’ i zadał mu cios nożem w rękę (Łódź, 15 października).

Inicjatorem i wieloletnim twórcą ‘Brunatnej Księgi’ był śp. Marcin Kornak (ur. 1968-zm. 2014), założyciel Stowarzyszenia ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’. Prowadzony nieprzerwanie od ponad dwudziestu lat monitoring zyskał międzynarodowe uznanie jako najbardziej rzetelne i niezależne opracowanie informacji dotyczących przemocy ksenofobicznej w Polsce.

W roku 2019 ‘Brunatna Księga’ uzyskała wsparcie ze strony Funduszu Obywatelskiego zarządzanego przez Fundację dla Polski w ramach konkursu pod honorowym patronatem Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich Adama Bodnara. W 2018 roku otrzymał on norweską Nagrodę im. prof. Thorolfa Rafto przyznaną za walkę o prawa człowieka i niezależne sądownictwo w Polsce. Zgodnie z życzeniem Adama Bodnara nagroda ta została przekazana Funduszowi Obywatelskiemu na wsparcie działań na rzecz praw człowieka w Polsce.

Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ jest założoną w 1996 roku niezależną, apolityczną organizacją ekspercką, która monitoruje zdarzenia na tle ksenofobicznym. Prowadzi również kampanie społeczne, ‘Muzyka Przeciwko Rasizmowi’ i ‘Wykopmy Rasizm ze Stadionów’.‎

Wybór zdarzeń rasistowskich i ksenofobicznych (za rok 2019) udokumentowanych w monitoringu ‘Brunatna Księga’ Stowarzyszenia ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’: PLIK PDF

Dodatkowe informacje:


The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association has managed to remove more than 3,500 items with fascist and antisemitic content through its cooperation with the major online sales platform Allegro. These included numerous copies of contemporary editions of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ without critical commentary as well as books by David Irving, a rabidly antisemitic pseudo-historian who has denied the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz and the extermination of six million Jews during World War II.

 Irving calls Auschwitz a ‘Disneyland’. For peddling such ideas in public, in 2006 he was sentenced to prison by a court in Austria. In 2007, thanks to an intervention by ‘NEVER AGAIN’ and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, he was removed from the International Book Fair in Warsaw. In September 2019, Irving with a group of followers planned another ‘sightseeing trip’ through the former death camps. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that his theories are unacceptable under the Polish law and he would not be allowed to enter Poland.

– ‘Upon our recommendations, Allegro removes such items, even though new ones continue to pop up and need to be removed, too; this requires much effort and commitment,’ said a member of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ team Jacek Dziegielewski. Dr Anna Tatar, also a ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association representative, adds: ‘The final decision on removal is always taken by Allegro, but in almost all the cases our interventions were successful. We have formed a partnership which allows us to counter racist and fascist propaganda very effectively. And we are talking about the biggest internet sales platform in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, with more than 21 million registered users, at a time of a general growth of antisemitic and racist hate speech in our society.’

The offers reported by ‘NEVER AGAIN’ included newly-made Third Reich flags and SS uniforms, records with Nazi music, lighters with an image of Hitler, or pendants with Mussolini.

Moreover, in cooperation with ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Allegro removed books by SS officer Leon Degrelle who praised Hitler after the war and denied the Holocaust, by Hennecke Kardel who claimed that the Jews themselves were responsible for the Holocaust, and publications glorifying the Iron Guard, a Romanian fascist group who murdered many Jews.

The legal basis for deleting the auctions are Articles 256 and 257 of the Polish Penal Code together with the provisions in Appendix No. 1 to the Allegro Code of Conduct. In 2018, the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association became a partner to Allegro’s programme of ‘The Rights Protection Cooperation’ and since then helps eliminate offensive content from the platform.

The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an independent anti-racist organization established in Warsaw in 1996. Among others, it is a member of the International Network against Cyber Hate (INACH), which brings together organizations from twenty countries fighting hatred and discrimination on the Internet.

Additional information:


Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ we współpracy z Allegro usunęło już ponad 3500 aukcji o treści faszystowskiej i antysemickiej. Wśród nich znalazły się liczne aukcje ze współczesnymi wydaniami ‘Mein Kampf’ Hitlera bez komentarza krytycznego, a także publikacje Davida Irvinga – skrajnego antysemity, który od lat zaprzecza istnieniu komór gazowych w Auschwitz i Zagładzie sześciu milionów Żydów w czasie II wojny światowej. 

Irving nazywa ekspozycję w muzeum oświęcimskim ‘czystym Disneylandem’, gdzie ‘Polacy i inni zepsuli to miejsce przez chęć generowania pieniędzy i propagandy’. Za publiczne propagowanie takich tez został skazany w 2006 roku przez austriacki sąd na karę więzienia. W 2007 roku dzięki współpracy ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ i dyrekcji Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau został usunięty z terenu Międzynarodowych Targów Książki w Warszawie. We wrześniu 2019 roku Irving wraz z grupą swoich zwolenników planował kolejną ‘wycieczkę objazdową’ po byłych obozach zagłady. Już w marcu Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych RP poinformowało, że ze względu na to, iż głoszone przez niego poglądy są niedopuszczalne z punktu widzenia polskiego prawa, nie zostanie wpuszczony do kraju.

– ‘Allegro po naszej rekomendacji usuwa takie oferty, wciąż pojawiają się nowe i również są sukcesywnie usuwane, takie działanie wymaga konsekwencji i wytrwałości’ – powiedział Jacek Dzięgielewski ze Stowarzyszenia ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’. Dr Anna Tatar z ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ dodaje: – ‘Ostateczną decyzję o usunięciu aukcji każdorazowo podejmuje firma Allegro, w zdecydowanej większości przypadków nasze interwencje były skuteczne. Udało nam się wypracować takie sposoby współdziałania, dzięki którym możemy się realnie przeciwstawić propagowaniu rasizmu i faszyzmu w internecie. Mówimy o największej platformie sprzedaży w Europie Środkowej i Wschodniej’.

Wśród ofert, które Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ zgłosiło do usunięcia przez Allegro, znalazły się współcześnie wyprodukowane flagi III Rzeszy, mundury SS, czapki i naszywki ze swastykami, imitacje nazistowskich odznaczeń, płyty z muzyką nazistowską oraz takie gadżety jak zapalniczki z wizerunkiem Hitlera, sygnety z symbolem Totenkopf (używanym przez strażników obozów koncentracyjnych), medaliony z Mussolinim.

Usunięto również wiele aukcji z książkami oficera SS Léona Degrelle’a, który po wojnie wychwalał Hitlera i negował Holokaust, Hennecke Kardela (wedle którego to Żydzi byli odpowiedzialni za Zagładę) czy wydawnictwa gloryfikujące Żelazną Gwardię – rumuńskie ugrupowanie faszystowskie, które dokonywało mordów na Żydach.

Podstawę do usunięcia ofert sprzedaży stanowią m. in. artykuły 256 oraz 257 Kodeksu karnego, a także zapisy zawarte w Załączniku nr 1 do Regulaminu Allegro. W 2018 roku Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ zostało partnerem stworzonego przez Allegro programu Współpraca w Ochronie Praw, w ramach którego wspiera serwis w eliminowaniu tego rodzaju ofert.

Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIĘCEJ’ jest powstałą w 1996 roku niezależną, apolityczną organizacją, która od wielu lat prowadzi monitoring zdarzeń na tle ksenofobicznym pt. ‘Brunatna Księga’. Stowarzyszenie jest m. in. częścią międzynarodowej sieci International Network against Cyber Hate (INACH), która skupia organizacje z dwudziestu krajów, przeciwdziałające nienawiści i dyskryminacji w internecie.

Więcej informacji:


The activity of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association was the subject of a special workshop held at the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.

The two-day workshop took place on 14-15 September 2019 under the title ‘The People vs Extremism & Populist Radical Right in Europe: Impact and Experiences of European Civil Society Networks’. It focused on the experiences of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ in the field of international cooperation against racism, hate speech and hate crime. The session was conducted by Rafal Pankowski, co-founder of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association and sociology professor at Warsaw’s Collegium Civitas who has been a visiting lecturer at Chulalongkorn University in 2018 and 2019. The workshop was attended by several dozen participants from Thailand and other countries including Bangladesh, China, and France.

Chulalongkorn University was established in 1917 and its name commemorates king Chulalongkorn (Rama V), the monarch of Siam (Thailand) who abolished slavery. It is ranked among the best universities in Southeast Asia.

The workshop is one among numerous activities recently undertaken by the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association together with its friends and partners in Asia. On 25-30 August, Rafal Pankowski participated in the Flying University of Transnational Humanities under the title ‘The Holocaust meets the post-colonial in the global memory space’ held at Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea. During a heated debate at that international forum, the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ representative defended the importance of genocide memory as a cognitive and discursive tool and point of reference in the current-day struggles for moral, social and political progress. On 2 September, Pankowski delivered a lecture entitled ‘Nationalist populism in Central Europe: the case of Poland’ at the University of Tokyo, Japan. The model of Polish-German reconciliation was mentioned by several participants as a possible inspiration for the Korean-Japanese relationship.

On 28-30 August, Natalia Sineaeva represented ‘NEVER AGAIN’ at the international conference on ‘Genocide, Memory and Peace’ organized by UNESCO at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (the former Khmer Rouge prison and extermination centre) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On 17-20 September, she shared the experiences of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association during the Informal Training Seminar on ‘Human Rights and Prevention of Violent Extremism’ hosted by the Asia-Europe Foundation in New Delhi, India.

Meanwhile in Poland, the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association has been a partner of a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw entitled ‘Never Again. Art Against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st Centuries’. The exhibition provoked another attack against ‘NEVER AGAIN’ on the Polish (state-controlled) television which called it ‘stupid propaganda’. Polish state TV has attacked ‘NEVER AGAIN’ already several times this year. The Polish Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman) Adam Bodnar protested against the defamation. In a formal letter to the National Council on Radio and Television, the Ombudsman wrote the attacks had ‘no substance’ and they ‘could be considered an attempt to discredit (…) actions against racism and antisemitism in Poland. The statements (…) are problematic in the light of the mission of the public media and they trivialize the danger of such harmful phenomena as hate speech and antisemitism.’

The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is an independent organization established in Warsaw in 1996. ‘NEVER AGAIN’ has campaigned against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, for peace, intercultural dialogue and human rights both in Poland and internationally.

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